STOPTIME: Live in the Moment.

Kylie Liya Page & Brothers Page: Flourishing, Forging & Family

December 29, 2022 Lisa Hopkins, Wide Open Stages Season 7 Episode 16
STOPTIME: Live in the Moment.
Kylie Liya Page & Brothers Page: Flourishing, Forging & Family
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Show Notes

The stars were aligned and the universe winked when these three siblings decided to pursue the arts. Join Lisa in this intimate and one of a kind conversation with Josh and Zach of The Brothers Page who are joined by their sister actress/singer/dancer Kylie Liya Page. They have each forged and continue to flourish at extraordinary careers separately and together in music, film, television, and stage and continue to grow and challenge themselves as artists and human beings. Learn more about their unique upbringing and how being siblings has nourished their hearts & souls.

The Brothers Page have built their multifaceted career independently by combining their unique sets of skills and honing in on the power of real connection with their fans - a connection that cannot be understated, as their 1.4 million fans from across the globe have supported their weekly covers since 2011. They’ve received accolades from a wide range of renowned talents such as the Jonas Brothers, The Chainsmokers, Maroon 5, One Republic, Portugal. The Man, Josh Groban, and Ellen DeGeneres, and the Page brothers have begun to release their highly anticipated original music. 

Kylie Liya Page is an actor, singer, dancer who was born in China and raised in New York. As a child, she appeared on Broadway in the 2006 revival of Les Miserables the first national tour of How The Grinch Stole Christmas. Her more recent film and TV credits include Darby and the Dead (which will be released next month on Hulu), The Girl from Plainville with Elle Fanning, The Girl in the Woods (currently on Peacock) and Kylie starred in episode 8 of Social Distance for which the New York Times singled her out saying it was one of the stronger episodes and that she gave a sweet and heart-wrenching performance.

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