STOPTIME: Live in the Moment.

MOIPEI: Humility, Belonging & Grace

March 16, 2023 Lisa Hopkins, Wide Open Stages Season 8 Episode 11
STOPTIME: Live in the Moment.
MOIPEI: Humility, Belonging & Grace
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Show Notes

Lisa speaks with  Maggy, Marta and Mary of The MOIPEI Triplets about their journey from Nairobi, Kenya where they have been singing together since their musical journey began as children with their sister Serafina. At the age of 12,  they were appointed Kenya’s first ever UNICEF Child Ambassadors championing girl child empowerment, education, and alternative rites of passage. Their notability grew in the Kenyan musical scene, and they were appointed as the Kenyan Musical Ambassadors and were awarded the Head of State Commendation (HSC), by the President of Kenya, in recognition of their outstanding contribution to the Music Industry and the Nation. 

Now, 29 years old and living in the US, the adult sisters are taking NYC by storm. Moipei made their New York City debut at the Mabel Mercer Gala at Jazz at Lincoln Center Rose Hall in October 2021. The following week they made their debut at the internationally renowned Birdland Theater. And are preparing for their Kennedy Center debut in April. 

Critics are saying that  “They are beyond reproach - every word, every note, every harmony all have perfect  placement and flawless execution.”  

“Their enchantment, either as singers or as people will bewitch all who see and hear them.”  

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