STOPTIME: Live in the Moment.

Lisa Hopkins: Exactly Where You Are Supposed to Be

December 22, 2021 Lisa Hopkins Season 5 Episode 10
STOPTIME: Live in the Moment.
Lisa Hopkins: Exactly Where You Are Supposed to Be
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Lisa shares how she is learning to tune in to new frequencies and practice deep listening to others and especially to oneself.

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Exactly Where You Are Supposed to Be

As 2021 comes to an end, it is perfectly natural to feel our inner critics and self saboteurs crank up the volume in our heads, telling us what we should be doing and reminding us what we haven’t done. It isn’t difficult to become hijacked by the fear of time running out, as another year passes by, to walk the tenuous line of hope and regret. We may even feel ourselves wavering precariously between braggadocious declarations of resolutions for the new year, and the harsh frequency of shame. Like a song on repeat replays all the things we said we would do but didn’t last year.

I am writing this to remind you and in turn to remind myself, that we are exactly where we are supposed to be. Right now, right here listening to these words. Nobody told you you should, no one will know that you did. Except you. 

As I get ready to host my family again for the holidays for the first time in 2 years, I find myself trying to perfect everything for their arrival. Maybe it’s my theater background - I just love staging and take pride in creating spaces for others to experience; to host, produce, and direct. But what I am learning, after a lifetime of successfully doing all of the above both personally and professionally, is that while creating spaces is a gift I have, that holding space, if I continue to practice it, could be a superpower. 

So I turned off the vacuum cleaner, took off my rubber gloves and headed to my office to write this. I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be. I have a smile on my face because while I was cleaning it came to me that I know what my word is for 2022. In fact, I recognize that this word isn’t a place to get to, but rather a place to come from and that it has been there all along.

My word is “Listen”. Not with my ears but with my heart. To tune in to the frequency where I can hear beyond the external noise of past and future and to hold space for others and for myself. 

I’ve already been tuning in to it more often by simply slowing down and the signal is getting clearer the more I listen rather than adjust the dial. And do you want to hear the coolest thing about it? I didn’t find it by looking for it, I discovered it by listening. 

So I was expecting my dad to call before he left today so I could be prepared but just learned he’s been on the road for 2 hours and will be here within the hour….so I’m gonna practice what I preach and take this moment to breath - why don’t you join me, just let go and listen.

I’m Lisa Hopkins, thanks to you for your continued support and for taking the time to be in the moment with me and my wonderful guests and tuning in to listen. 

Stay safe and healthy everyone and remember to live in the moment.